Vendors in Research

  • 740 Broadway, 4th Floor, New York, NY 10003

    Members use our data and insights to: Benchmark digital performance over time Identify digital strengths, weaknesses, and opportunities Inform strategy, capital allocation, and vendor selection decisions Structure organizations for omnichannel success Educate teams on industry trends and digital innovation Our Research Our reports (L2 Digital IQ Index, Intelligence reports, and Insight reports) benchmark brands against … Continue reading L2

  • Chicago, IL, USA

    Remodista is a think tank examining disruption in global retail. Remodista cultivates problem-solving teams focused on global retail disruption.

  • Menlo Park, CA, USA

    Glenbrook Partners, a payments consulting and research company, publishes e-commerce market analysis and reports to help U.S.

  • Cambridge, MA, USA

    Forrester Research Inc., an independent research company, provides advice about technologys impact on business, including web retailers, and consumers.