At the GRIN, we believe a retailer’s choice in vendors is the key to successfully growing a business on the global stage. We have developed the GRIN to help vendors communicate their unique strengths, knowledge and reputation.

  • Our partnership with the GRIN is about helping our customers reach their global goals.

    VP of Product Management and Marketing at DHL eCommerce.

Do the merchants you work with focus solely on cost and fail to see the true value of your expertise, ability, and strength as a strategic partner?

Are you constantly restating the most important parts of your business even late into the sales cycle?

Do you ever wonder what the market is saying and thinking about your services?

How the GRIN helps

Our platform enables a straight forward dialogue that lets vendors take an active role in developing their reputation and value in the global commerce community.


The GRIN platform helps to align retailer needs directly to our active vendor community. Our simple search allows retailers to type in a keyword, find useful information surrounding a topic, identify experts, and invite those experts into a private forum to continue the conversation.


Retailers are asked to fill out project boards that provide insight into the types of vendors they are interested in evaluating. This gives the professional members of our vendor community the opportunity to engage with our retailers at the right time in the buying cycle.


We believe strongly that successful global leadership requires retailers to have a culture of open innovation and collaboration. The success of this depends on the development of strategic partnerships with their global vendors.

Our GRIN Global Track conferences allow for vendors to setup in person meetings with retailers.

Upcoming Events
  • calendar-iconSeptember 8-10 – World Retail Congress (Rome)
  • calendar-iconSeptember 10, Global E-Commerce Leaders Forum (LA)
  • calendar-iconSeptember 19, HIWTO China (Guangzhou)
  • calendar-iconSeptember 22, GRIN Innovation Roundtable (Shanghai)
  • calendar-iconSeptember 25, GRIN Roundtable (Hong Kong)
    Coming soon: Fashion Digital New York, Drapers Forum London, eTail Core Barcelona and many more…