The GRIN Manifesto

The GRIN Manifesto

Global Ecommerce and the GRIN Way

Cross-border ecommerce is evolving at incredible speeds, and the global landscape is in constant flux. Retailers that draw 5-15% of their sales from global (non-domestic) consumers are in the most vulnerable position. Why vulnerable? Some retailers may not see the full global opportunity. Others may not be equipped for the work it takes to truly localize their offering. Executive support, too, can be lacking.

Within the next few years, a certain class of cross-border retailers will emerge as global ecommerce experts. This group will dominate the prized ecommerce space that exists massive emerging global markets. How are you going to compete?

Become an expert global retailer. Lead.

1. We’ve all heard the mantra “Think global, act local,” but don’t act just once. Localization is a process. Think of it this way…

The huge mistake so many retailers are making around localization is that they see it as a one-time act. Successful global retailers like Motion Global out of Shanghai have developed a process around localization. In the Motion Global office, for example, they have flags in each of the 29 countries in which they operate. The teams responsible for each country’s business are seated around each flag. The result is a constant focus on the local ecosystem and the customer journey.

There are so many ways of creating practices that focus on true localization, but a consistent plan is key to success.

2. Develop a culture of open innovation – collaborate!

Enroll your vendors, customers and other retailers to help you lead. Collaboration is learning from those who have gone before, and allowing your team the space to be agile and react to their findings. Open is an attitude and a business model – not necessarily just a technology.

Collaboration starts with seeing vendors as strategic partners who you involve early in your planning cycle. The best vendors are indispensible to successfully navigating the global ecommerce ecosystem. From there, plugging into the experiences of customers and other retailers can only add to your success.

How does the GRIN know?

Over the last several years, the GRIN has met with over 100 cross-border retailers. These meetings have spanned four continents and two dozen countries. In this time, we have learned a great deal about the pains that retailers have when going global. We’ve also learned the way that a few retailers have navigated these difficult waters to global success.

Take the GRIN Pledge

I will develop a process around true localization. Everything can change in a few months. It’s not about what I knew 6 months ago; instead, it is about what I know today.

I will collaborate. I will do my part to create a culture of open innovation where I see my vendors, customers and other retailers as true partners who I work with together on local strategy.

I will lead. Shake it up. Inspire.

Join the GRIN

Share our vision of working together and sharing knowledge so that we can unlock the full potential of our global ecommerce community.

Join the GRIN. Be a part of the global community. Grow, lead, and succeed.

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