Is Your Website Performance Up To Snuff?

Is Your Website Performance Up To Snuff?

The name of the game in global retailing is to win. More and more, that means winning on the Internet. You’re competing for the fickle and fleeting desires of your consumers. Many of your competitors are massively funded with a huge edge on brand awareness.

So how do you win? You’ve got a great product, you’re marketing is testing well and people want your product. This is all for naught if you can’t engage and ultimately close your customer.

How can you be sure your website is optimized for your audience in each target market? What works in Singapore won’t in Brazil or New York or London. Internet Infrastructure is not typically what one thinks about when expanding to new markets, which ends up constraining your ability to compete. It doesn’t have to be this way. You can leverage your Internet infrastructure as a competitive advantage. Companies like Amazon, Ebay, Alibaba, Rakuten certainly do.

So now what? You most likely don’t have the internal expertise or time to even begin to tackle this. Can’t you just use current hosting environment? Probably not as you’ll suffer from technical constraints, resulting in slow site load times and non-availability, causing your target audience to disengage. You’ll also be in danger of violating local laws. You’ll pay a premium for your current service provider to deliver your site all over the world. It just sounds so complicated, where to even begin?

The good news is all the services you need are out there. The solution is not complicated, it’s complex. The key is to understand your needs. What does your site need to be optimized? Who and where are your customers and partners?

There are service providers in each of your target markets to build customized infrastructure to fit your needs. They’ll connect you to your customers and partners in the most efficient ways. They’ll even work with you to develop your site and test infrastructure.

Having the right partner is hugely important to uncover your needs and find the right service providers and solutions. You need to have the right experience on your side. Silent Partner has helped some of the foremost Internet companies compete for over a decade. We have deep relationships and the expertise to help you establish a holistic and flexible Internet infrastructure strategy designed to win.

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