How The GRIN Helps Vendors

How The GRIN Helps Vendors

At the GRIN, we believe a retailer’s choice in vendors is the key to successfully bringing a business to the global stage. In our research, we’ve seen that procurement departments and buyers often take a traditional approach to their selection of vendors, putting price points ahead of quality and reliability. Price can play a role, but in the face of all of the other elements of localizing a global approach, it can often end up being the least important factor of all.

Vendors should ultimately be selected based on knowledge of the demands of the local market, their reputational leadership, and an alignment of their strategic vision with that of the retailer. In short, they should be seen as a strategic partner in the process of taking a business to new global markets.

“Our partnership with the GRIN is about helping our customers reach their global goals.”
– Brad Mathewson, Vice President of Product Management and Marketing at DHL eCommerce.

“As a membership community, the GRIN’s unique strength is its global reach and strong community.”
– Patrick Deloy, CEO of BlueCom, Shanghai.

Do the merchants you work with focus solely on cost and fail to see the true value of your expertise, ability, and strength as a strategic partner? Are you constantly restating the most important parts of your business even late into the sales cycle?

Do you ever wonder what the market is saying and thinking about your services?

The GRIN can help.

Our platform creates a dynamic dialogue that lets vendors take an active role in the process of developing a strategic plan.

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