eCommerce Worldwide and the Global Retail Insights Network (GRIN) Announce Strategic Partnership

eCommerce Worldwide and the Global Retail Insights Network (GRIN) Announce Strategic Partnership

eCommerce Worldwide and the Global Retail Insights Network (GRIN) Announce Strategic Partnership to Help Retailers Accelerate their Global Journey

San Francisco and London – Today, The Global Retail Insights Network (GRIN) is pleased to announce a strategic partnership with eCommerce Worldwide, the leading destination for online retailers trading cross border and part of the IMRG. The partnership will provide retailers with the most relevant cross border reports and insight available about the fast moving global eCommerce space combined with the coaching and community to help retailers accelerate their global journey.

In many ways retailers are stretched.” Says Carl Miller the Managing Director of the Global Retail Insights Network (GRIN) “They have very few people working on their global business and those individuals may not have the resources, internal clout or expertise to optimize their global solution. We started the GRIN, a non for profit organization, to help solve for that problem by interjecting our global expertise and connections into retailers to help them accelerate their journey. Our partnership with eCommerce Worldwide rounds out the complete picture, by providing the most timely research, country passports and perspective to help these retailers navigate the global waters

Retail brands have been telling us that there was a lack of useful and information about going global” said Graeme Howe the Managing Director of eCommerce Worldwide. “Our goal has always been to help fill that gap by interjecting the best experts from around the world into the conversation by providing expert perspective on the most important global topics. The partnership with the GRIN extends this conversation into their membership and allows our participants to examine topics in depth with the GRIN global experts.

Both organizations shared commitment to global retail community and growth in the industry is an opportunity for both retailers and solution providers. Brands and retailers can learn from the vast community of other retailers that have already taken the steps they are about to and solution providers can better interject their knowledge, innovation and expertise into the global community.

About eCommerce Worldwide

The destination for online retailers trading cross-border

Set up in association with IMRG, eCommerce Worldwide provides online retailers with all the information, and resources, they need to develop cross-border strategies for entering new markets around the world.

Our dedicated Cross-Border Trading Passports constitute invaluable A-Z guides for retailers looking to set up and run successful ecommerce channels abroad (and potentially at home, too). All this is backed up by our annual Summit.

eCommerce Worldwide is the one stop shop, to help you trade successfully across borders.


About the GRIN

The GRIN is a 501(c)(6) nonprofit membership organization.

The GRIN is driven by one goal: to help global retailers and brands become leaders through collaboration and knowledge.

Our member-based organization provides the data and insight needed to help brands benchmark their global performance, and take actionable steps to becoming a leading global player.

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